Explaining the Unexplainable Series

Why does Santa live in the North Pole? How were unicorns created?
Just two of many "holes in the plot" of all things generally accepted by us adults. Explaining the Unexplainable is an anthology series that aims to answer these types of questions.
Each book is a short read which resolves a mystery in a magical way that is fun for both children and adults alike.

Little Fluff

"A long time ago, it's hard to say when, a polar bear lived who longed for some friends."

Follow Little Fluff's adventure as he goes exploring and meets the unlikeliest of friends.

Fluff's Next Adventure

After Fluff, the polar bear's first adventure, he becomes curious and wishes to learn even more about the world he lives in.

Follow him on Santa's sleigh as he discovers more about the world and the friends who live in it.


"A long time ago, it's hard to say when, a magic wand lived who had a bad friend..."

Find out how Wand becomes a hero on an unforgettable adventure.

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